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Stop the Clock Five interactive games to support the year objectives set out in the Primary Strategy.

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Players must drag the digital displays to the matching analogue clock. All against the clock of course! Bang on Time Read the time in words then stop the hands in the correct position. Analogue to Digital Create millions of worksheets, a different one for each member of class perhaps! Please allow between seconds for each worksheet to load. After loading just click on the print button- no downloading or PDF reader required. Click change to create another worksheet. What time is it? Write the analogue time in words, in French too if you like!

A4 pages of blank analogue and digital clocks. By moving clocks forward, people could take advantage of the extra evening daylight rather than wasting energy on lighting. At the time, Franklin was ambassador to Paris and so wrote a witty letter to the Journal of Paris in , rejoicing over his "discovery" that the sun provides light as soon as it rises. Even so, DST didn't officially begin until more than a century later.

The rest of Europe came onboard shortly thereafter. And in , the United States adopted daylight saving time. Though President Woodrow Wilson wanted to keep daylight saving time after WWI ended, the country was mostly rural at the time and farmers objected, partly because it would mean they lost an hour of morning light. It's a myth that DST was instituted to help farmers.

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And so daylight saving time was abolished until the next war brought it back into vogue. After the war, a free-for-all system in which U. That federal law meant that any state observing DST — and they didn't have to jump on the DST bandwagon — had to follow a uniform protocol throughout the state in which daylight saving time would begin on the first Sunday of April and end on the last Sunday of October.

Then, in , the Energy Policy Act of went into effect, expanding the length of daylight saving time to the present timing. Fewer than 40 percent of the world's countries observe daylight saving time, according to timeanddate.

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However, those who do observe DST take advantage of the natural daylight in the evenings. That's because the days start to get longer as Earth moves from the winter season to spring and summer, with the longest day of the year on the summer solstice.

2. Say the Hours

During the summer, Earth, which revolves around its axis at an angle, is tilted directly toward the sun at least its top half. Regions farthest away from the equator and closer to the poles get the most benefit from the DST clock change, because there is a more dramatic change in sunlight throughout the seasons. Research has also suggested that with more daylight in the evenings, there are fewer traffic accidents, as there are fewer cars on the road when it's dark outside. More daylight also could mean more outdoor exercise or exercise at all for full-time workers.

The nominal reason for daylight saving time has long been to save energy. During the Arab oil embargo, when Arab members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC stopped selling petroleum to the United States, Congress even enacted a trial period of year-round daylight saving time in an attempt to save energy. But the evidence for energy savings is slim. Brighter evenings may save on electric lighting, said Stanton Hadley, a senior researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory who helped prepare a report to Congress on extended daylight saving time in But lights have become increasingly efficient, Hadley said, so lighting is responsible for a smaller chunk of total energy consumption than it was a few decades ago.

Heating and cooling probably matter more, and some places may need air-conditioning for the longer, hotter evenings of summer daylight saving time. Hadley and his colleagues found that the four weeks of extra daylight saving time that went into effect in the United States in did save some energy, about half of a percent of what would have otherwise been used on each of those days. However, Hadley said, the effect of the entire months-long stretch of daylight saving could very well have the opposite effect.

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A study in Indiana before and after implementation of daylight saving time in some counties found a small increase in residential energy usage. Temporary changes in Australia's daylight saving timing for the summer Olympics of also failed to save any energy, a study found. Part of the trouble with estimating the effect of daylight saving time on energy consumption is that there are so few changes to the policy, making before-and-after comparisons tricky, Hadley told Live Science. The extension of daylight saving time allowed for a before-and-after comparison of only a few weeks' time.

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The changes in Indiana and Australia were geographically limited. Ultimately, Hadley said, the energy question probably isn't the real reason the United States sticks with daylight saving time, anyway. But of course, there are exceptions. Hawaii and Arizona are the two U. And, every year there are bills put forth to get rid of DST in various states, as not everyone is keen on turning their clocks forward an hour.

Congress to exempt the state from the federal Uniform Time Act. If approved, Florida would remain in DST year-round. Congress would have to amend the Uniform Time Act 15 U. In the fall of , California voted in favor of Proposition 7 that would attempt to repeal the annual clock changes.