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USB2 en. High functionality number, low molecular weight polymers and methods of making same. WOA2 en. Sheet type semi-finished product useful for producing thermoformed, acoustically active molded parts, comprises core made of mat shaped layer of fibrous materials, preferably heterogeneous fiber blends, or open- or mixed-cell foam material. Binder composition, for molding, particularly for molding wood fibers, comprises carboxylated polymer, amine and crosslinker, can be cured at low temperature.

Moldable pellet based on the combination of synthetic cellulose fibers and thermoplastic polymers. Aqueous formaldehyde-free composition and fiberglass insulation including the same. A process for the preparation of carboxylate-copolymers of monoethylenically unsaturated mono- and dicarboxylic acids, and carboxylate-copolymers with a low degree of neutralization.

EPB1 en. Curable aqueous composition and use as water repellant fiberglass nonwoven binder. BRPIA2 en. A coating composition, process for preparation thereof, substrate, process for preparing a marked substrate, and compound. A process for reducing the emission of saturated and unsaturated aldehydes from wood materials. FRB1 en. Wound glass filament webs that include formaldehyde-free binder compositions, and methods of making and appliances including the same. CAA1 en. A sizing composition for mineral wool based on hydrogenated sugar and insulation products obtained.

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Multi-layered form bodies with low formaldehyde emission containing lignocellulose. GBD0 en. A sizing composition for fibers, in particular mineral, comprising a non-reducing sugar and an inorganic acid ammonium salt, and the resulting products. Gluing composition free of formaldehyde to fibers, in particular mineral, and the resulting products. A sizing composition for a mineral wool core and insulation products obtained maltitol. A sizing composition for a mineral wool base reducing saccharide and saccharide hydrogen, and insulating products obtained.

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Vinyl acetate-ethylene binder composition having good wet tensile strength and low heat seal temperature for nonwoven products. Method for bonding lignocellulosic material with phenol-formaldehyde resin and carbon dioxide. Published by Leipzig: List, About this Item: Leipzig: List, Erste Ausgabe. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. Published by Leipzig : Horen-Verlag, About this Item: Leipzig : Horen-Verlag, Gutes Exemplar der Erstausgabe.

Bloch II, More information about this seller Contact this seller Published by Hobbing, Berlin Condition: Gut. Very Good.

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Essays on foreign policy of the powers from senior Foreign Affairs spokesmen for each country, mostly Ambassadors. Provides a good insight into each countries foreign policy in the mids. Binding tight, slight browning to pages due to age as is usual. Published by Berlin: Fischer, From: Antiquariat von Matt Stans, Switzerland.

About this Item: Berlin: Fischer, Condition: 0. Erste Ausgabe De. Seller Inventory A.

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