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One of the very first things they did when they arrived on Cape Cod … was to rob Wampanoag graves. He also encouraged other colonies to do likewise -- in other words, every autumn after the crops are in, go kill Indians and celebrate your murders with a feast. Did the Pilgrims rob Indian graves? Not really. One could go on. Someone should go on.

Thanksgiving – Tradition or Reality?

To respond to all the assorted internet nonsense about Thanksgiving it is necessary to go on and on. I have, here. Bangs' comments from way back in '05 which I just stumbled upon this Thanksgiving Day seem well presented and well said. I have no idea what the "agenda" may be behind the author's words. A call for unemotional debate or discussion of the "facts" seems to cover it, however.

I have always been skeptical of the glorious rhetoric so often heard in praise of the Puritans or Friends, or whatever they called themselves , because I have never felt we as a nation needed to do so. The holiday itself was instituted in the latter 's, or so I have read, and as a union of states who had survived all manner of discordant events - some of them self-inflicted - it made sense then, as it does today, to set aside a day to ponder our history and fortunes, and then sit down to stuff ourselves.

I would personally prefer it if we didn't have to keep bringing up these ornery malcontents who landed here to establish their own exclusive literally society, and ascribe all manner of noble and self-determining motives to them, but that's the history of own history, and in the end, most of us try to just have a day together and get along as best we can. I mean, what does buying a mattress or watching The Saints on TV have to do with Thanksgiving anyway?

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The good news is that I am free to read and absorb all the truth available and conclude, in the end, that one single story or POV doesn't quite cover everything. Maybe we should have a few American Natives join us for dinner every year, and hey, that's not a bad idea. But today I'll just chill and enjoy the dinner my wife's cooking downstairs.

It'll be great.

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Cheers to us all. Revealing the grand narrative of colonialism appears to sting those who make their living supporting it. The article headline is not supported in the analysis. Not many of the 'debunkers' he's talking about, say that the colonial force that massacred approx. The gloating Governor proclaiming an annual day of celebration and thanksgiving for an act of genocide was from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

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That fact that genocide was justified and encouraged by Euro-christians is enough. The majority of Bangs clarifications are simply designating the difference between the SS and the Gestapo, to use a more recent genocide as reference. And, Bangs seems to think that by disproving claims of 'initial' grave robbing by pilgrims, he is disproving the introduction of sexism, racism, homophobia, jails, social class system, and the murderous genocidal tendencies of early colonials.

It doesn't. Bangs' acculturation as a historian, classically trained in the European tradition means that he thinks he can discover the truth of the Then, if he is diligent enough. But what he will accept as truth will be different than someone else who may be trained differently and is just as dilligent. It's the Internet for heaven sake. What is taught today, not "once taught," in all formal education, not just grade school, on this topic, does "lack scope, subtlety, and minority insight. Why doesn't he add some scope and minority insight into the myths being taught as history?

Maybe add some stories that have previously failed to the meet the colonial project that continues to teach that the transplanted European civilization is the pinnacle of humanity.

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He knows it is not, but he choses to participate in the erasure of knowledge that doesn't fit the colonial project standard. To call other perspectives as being "heavy with self-importance and pathetic political posturing" is an excellent grasp of the extremely obvious. He is only able to publish this on the Internet, because no academic publication would allow such an opinion piece that is ladden with his own "self-importance and pathetic political posturing. It is what it is. What in the world did he expect to find by surveying or more Internet sites?

His truth is already revealed. My response supports the revelation of other peoples truths. Yup, it's a political project.

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Hey, The article on the debunkers of Thanksgiving myths is completely wrong. The writer might have a Doctorate but his arguments are not based on fact he gives very few in his piece and we must remember he worked for THE organization that has purposefully spread lies about the history of Thanksgiving. What was done to the Jewish people in Germany was sick.

But even the people who were guily of those crimes do not have a holiday to relish what they did year after year. Millions of native American killed. Millions of Africans killed. And we keep sugar coating what happened and lying to our children to carry on a very sick tradition based on death. We cant forget what happened to these people because history has a way of repeating itself.

The children of America are raised on lies and denials Many go their whole life believing in fairytales that the rest of the world find horrific. Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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