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When she played on street, the passers-by see a woman visible, who in her own way appropriates a place that belongs to all. Inspiring them to be what they want and giving them aspirations for the future. Women's football is on the up, and we are serious about it. The appetite is there, the fans love it, they want to be excited by women's football and they want to meet their idols. We were a little bit isolated where we were staying. Obviously a lot of us had been playing in winter. Betsy plays in Iceland. Everyone was so happy to see the sun, especially her, and she was living in the room next door and she would always be outside.

Listening to music or playing board games, card games or painting her nails. She looked so happy, the sun is shining and we were staying at this beautiful resort on the beach in Marbella. Photographer: Clinton Oduor, Carolina for Kibera Location: Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya "Soccer is a popular sport among young people and does not discriminate based on gender. Football brings people together. With soccer we speak the same language even though we all come from 42 different tribes.

We have been helping to build peace with boys and girls from varying ethnic backgrounds as they learn how to rely on their teammates and develop healthy friendships with one another. This time we had an important training so everybody stayed focused on the game and continued to play. Luckily it was good weather that day so the girls could use some refreshment! This is of one of our Swedes Nellie Ohlsson.

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I wanted to capture that this team is not fully professional - and what I love about it is that people find a way to make their dream work. We are all connected by the love of the game. They are good people and that's what it's all about. I think that it captures players in a state where they are most comfortable and from the perspective of what I see on a daily basis. It was a moment I wanted to capture as significant for the upcoming tournament and it was a classic Lydia way to go about it.

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I think the photo sums up the overall culture in our team. We're heading into one of the biggest tournaments of our careers but we'll still be the same free spirited, relaxed, friendly bunch of Aussies that we've always been. Artistically, I love the story of passionate fans. The Black Swans are Orlando Pride fans. We have our match day suits on, only to be worn for big occasions and big games. Shanice and Keisha are listening to their own music, but Saki and me are watching the other semi final, Barca v Bayern. Saki and I sit to each other in the changing rooms and on the bus. She's the best person to sit next to because she always has some sort of Japanese sweets and treats, so she's always feeding me something!

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  • She doesn't speak English that well and I don't speak French that great. But we chat all the time in a mix of the two languages and I've learnt some Japanese words too, so every morning we say good morning in Japanese. It was an important match but I was suspended! This is after one of our training sessions where there were a couple of players doing some extra work and she was explaining some key factors to them.

    I wanted to show the coach in action with the players but more intimate. Excruciatingly insecure and endearingly persistent, she was the Charlie Brown of working women, battling workplace sexism and the cruel lighting of department-store dressing rooms with equal indignation, never quite succeeding. At 68, the real Cathy is honest enough to admit that some aspects of cartoon Cathy live on.

    The success of the comic, which appeared in nearly 1, newspapers across the world at its peak, is evidence enough of that. Before her father died, Guisewite shuttled from California to Florida to check on her parents as they faced down their 90s with both increasing dependence and defiance.

    She describes how she became a helicopter child, alternating with her sisters in futile attempts to get their parents into assisted living or prevent them from falling—from 3, miles away. Guisewite feels bad for not being able to accept self-acceptance feminism and for not following the advice of the lady gurus who tell us to take an aromatherapy bath when a crisis wave hits.

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    Kemanis is a California native. Kemanis is also an accomplished dancer. Kemanis currently resides in New York. You can learn more about her at her website. Seventeen stories about women from all walks of life.

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    Kemanis offers short, yet remarkable glimpses into the lives of women.