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This tragedy occurred January 9th, , leaving hundreds of families and businesses, homes and buildings, damaged or destroyed. We want to give to those in need by inviting all to attend a community dance performance where all proceeds will be given to the families through Habitat for Humanity Santa Barbara who is rebuilding homes.

This will be a collaborative performance of many professional companies and schools in the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles areas that will be performing. More information on their palmdancecollective. July 6 , July 7 , July 14 and 15, Great food, wine, mimosas, crepes, delicious pastries, music, dance—and, of course, the infamous Canine Cavalcade! The Santa Barbara French Festival is an event not to be missed. Each day the fun starts at am when the entertainment kicks off on three different stages and continues non-stop until The stages are filled with dance and music from many different acts including performances, audience participation opportunities and instruction.

And every minute of entertainment is all free! Great entertainment is only part of what the French Festival has to offer—more than 70 booths will be offering everything from crepes and delicious French pastries to face painting and henna tattoos. You can grab a mimosa or a beer, as you peruse some beautiful paintings and photography. Enjoy a delicious crepe while shopping for your French Festival t-shirt and beret. Take a moment for a quick massage before you settle in for the next performance with a sinfully delicious croissant. All in the beautiful setting of Santa Barbara's Oak Park.

Center Stage Theater and Speaking of Stories are pleased to present this great community event, which serves as a joint fundraiser for the two organizations. For complete details on the performers, food, crafts, shopping and activities visit FrenchFestival. Admission is Free and the Festival is a non-smoking event.

For more information visit FrenchFestival. July 26 , Everyone in the cast is a hero or heroine on their path to empowerment. Come journey with us! Through a variety of techniques, including recitation from the Odyssey, enactments of its scenes, dance, shared personal stories, raps, and affirmations, the cast created a hybrid virtual world that contained both the grandeur and exoticism of the ancient Mediterranean and the gritty, uncompromising reality of life at risk in contemporary Southern California. August 10 , Join the Goleta School of Ballet and their Summer Intensive students as they dance a selection of classic romantic ballets.

August 18 , Into the heart of a new dimension Multi Media Dance Show.

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Join us in a beautiful message of empowerment, love and creativity on August 18th at Center Stage theater. Into the heart of a new dimension is a multi media dance show that takes you on a magical journey of new dimensions of love and consciousness through dance, live music and visual art. The show will be inspirational and educational in nature. Through Argentine Tango, Latin, Aerials, Theater Arts and Live Music audience willl be taken on a journey of exploration of new frontiers of consciousness.

August 24 through September 2, September 1, Hear a panel of Ibsen scholars, in a lively and illuminating discussion about the playwright and the new Lit Moon production of " A Doll House ," currently running at Center Stage. It's FREE!! August 31 and September 1, Ambition, Politics, Oratory… And Assassination.

Two performances only! September 7 through September 16, DramaDogs, a Theater Company and DogStar Theater Company are in collaboration; co-creating an innovative project which highlights women in roles regarding choice, introspection and transformation; women who play their significant part in the humanity of the world.

September 21, All proceeds from the show will benefit The Soldiers Project to assist in aiding our homeless vets. The Sorrow Cart brings to the stage an immense array of talent. Sit back and be enthralled by the stories told through the eyes of the homeless in both word and song.

Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall

September 25, Chronicling the process of developing a new surfboard design alongside surfing legend - and Santa Barbara native - George Greenough, the film is an intimate look into the shaping community in Australia and the quest to create the perfect board. The film is 53 minutes long. September 26, RSVP here to reserve your seat. Please arrive on time as theater seating is limited. Any open seats will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis after 6 pm.

Should you need to modify or cancel your reservation for any reason, please email engagement mcasantabarbara. About the Artist: Born in , Barry McGee is arguably the most well-known and influential of the recent surge of artists from the Bay Area to have international success. He was raised in San Francisco, studied painting and printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute graduating in , and continues to live and work in the city. McGee's boldly graphic, colorful work incorporates a multitude of influences including, for example, graffiti, American folk art, and Op Art , but is most immediately evocative of the urban street culture from which he hails.

Engaging the ways in which the city's unique vernacular translates into artistic imagery, McGee celebrates the diversity, distinctive characters one of his well-known motifs is a crawling, sad-sack bum , and neighborhood communities of the inner-city. His work critiques consumerist culture and the constant backdrop of commercialism in everyday interactions; rejecting the billboard and chain store, McGee instead finds inspiration in the seeming randomness of graffiti, the endless uploading of images on the internet, and the creative styling of misfits.

McGee's work succeeds in its sensitive balance between anarchy and collaboration, resulting in environments which immerse the viewer in his singular, yet inclusive, vision. As an independent curator with a focus on emerging artists, Terry has curated exhibitions in the US and the UK, in addition to contributing to contemporary art publications. From to she was curator at the MOP Foundation, a London-based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting Iranian contemporary art on a broad platform outside of Iran. Terry cofounded P.

A staged reading directed by Peter Frisch An extraordinary new play by celebrated playwright Sarah Ruhl- a literate, funny and dark exploration into the incompatibility of traditional marriage with our sexual, animal roots.

Into the lives of two, "happily" married, middle-aged couples comes the remarkable Pip, a woman who lives, loves and sleeps with two male lovers and will only eat meat that she has killed herself. Responsive only to the insticts of her own, internal drummer, Pip's entrance onto the stage of the marrieds alters their understanding of life and relationships forever. Two of her plays have been finalists for the Pulitzer Prize and she received a nomination for Tony Award for Best Play. It is part absurd domestic serio-comedy, part erotic magic realism, unflinching about taboos and about questioning that, just maybe, monogamy isn't enough" - Newsday Contains adult material.

Not recommended for children. October 15, Sylvia Short October 22, — April 14, Memorial, Life Celebration, Story Fest Images from many of her performances plus the rest of her very jam-packed, fun-filled life will be shown and attendees are encouraged to share any Sylvia story they wish. For she lives on in our hearts and minds.

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Most indelibly. In an effort to reach all the different circles in which Sylvia frolicked, please share details of the event with anyone you may know from her wide cadre of friends. In lieu of flowers Sylvia asked that donations be made, in her name, to Center Stage Theater. Follow this link to donate. October 17, International circus legend award winner Gregory Popovich brings his European-style physical comedy, acrobats, jugglers but most important his furry cast of animals, the real stars of the show!

All animals have been rescued from shelters all over the country and they have been transformed into Las Vegas stars. The show features an amazing cast of house-cats, dogs, parrots, geese, mice, even a miniature horse named Diamond! October 20 and 21, For more information visit www. All proceeds from these performances will be donated to Hidden Wings, a place where young people with autism are empowered to spread their wings.

To learn more visit www. We will be able to process credit card orders, but it will be slower than usual. In order to make the pre-show run as smoothly as possible we suggest that you either purchase your tickets ahead of time, or pay with cash at the box office. To be clear, we will be able to run credit card orders but the fewer we have to run the better it will be. Also, there are only 30 tickets left for this performance so purchasing tickets ahead of time is a good idea anyway!

You can call the theater on Friday between 11 and 5 and place you order over the phone, or use the link below to purchase online at any time. The Saturday performance is the only time we anticipate this problem. Thank you for your assistance!!! October 26 and 27, The Dance Network's 4th annual fall performance features Halloween-themed dance pieces, fun costumes, some tricks, and a fun treat at the end of the show!

This unique showcase can be enjoyed by the whole family. Come see performers ranging in age from 3 to over 70 years old in a variety of dance styles, including tap, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, and more! Our dance family is looking forward to having a blast with all of you! November 1, Local female artists share their deepest longings, secrets, dreams, vulnerable moments and soul revelations through dance, song, spoken word and performance art. Ebooks and Manuals

And, of course, reading the operator's manual. But I can dispense with this latter detail because Pat gave such great instructions. Tuesday night, I went to bed at a. I felt as if I were suffocating a condition that I suffered with that long ago CPAP even though it was blowing out my ears with the force of its air flow.

This one was supposed to be different. The clever little thing simply gave you a slight breeze up the nose until it sensed you were asleep. I quickly noticed a pattern. Three or four deep, struggling breaths, settling into regular breathing, followed soon thereafter by labored breathing again.

I checked the two little vent holes on the mask to convince myself the devilish device was doing its part—giving me a gentle flow of air—and each time felt a slight air flow as I inhaled and exhaled. At a. I did not get much productive work done the next day. Mostly, I merely blundered around in a fog. Nonetheless, I resolved to keep my compact with the sleep clinic by wearing the odious mask at least four hours a night for two weeks straight. The cord from the electrical outlet had come loose from its intended mate from the back of the CPAP.

All the air I got was from the two tiny vent holes in the mask. Folks, I promptly went to sleep and woke up at a. This experience reconfirmed that my level of mechanical and electronic proficiency hovers somewhere down near the dodo level. So I am officially changing my middle name to Doofus look it up in the dictionary. Ben at the Novel Approach was the first to review the book, and he was gracious enough to award the book five stars. I was so impressed that I'm publishing it in full as a part of this blog post.

Thanks, Ben. Sorry, but I can't reproduce the special effects of the review. Hey, I liked that review. The Bisti Business will be out in a few months. Hope you like that one, as well. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you. Here's remembering our troops unable to be home with their families! As usual, readers should feel free to contact me at dontravis21 gmail. Thanks for being a reader. For some time now, the powers that be in the Land of Enchantment have dillied and dallied not to mention dithered over new requirements the feds imposed for issuing licenses that serve as secured IDs for boarding airliners or entering a federal building or base.

Each year we failed to get our act together, and each year the federal authorities granted us a delay in coming into compliance. As of Monday, November 14, , all New Mexico licenses issued—including both new and renewals—meet the federal standards. But getting them is something else. My license expired a few days back, but I held out until we were FAA compliant. On Monday, I watched a local news program that explained you needed proof you were who you said you were and that you were legally present in the United States, either by birthright or by legal immigration.

Trip One. Went to nearest MVD office Tuesday a. Took a number 63 and was called to Window 10 about 20 minutes later. Confirmed by the good old USofA. He refused to listen to reason. Hopped into my car and raced back home with an expired license, remember. Trip Two. The waiting room New number How many hours is that?

Forgot to bring a calculator. Also forgot to bring something to read, so settled down to people watching… which got old. Then I lucked out. Number Thanked her and grabbed the scrap of paper that ought to cut minutes off my wait time. Eventually, I was called to Window He shuffled through bits and pieces of my life until he came to the SS card. Should be okay. After he condescended to tell me to return to him without pulling a new number, I risked another APD speeding ticket by racing home once again. Trip Three. I located the Social Security Card adjacent to where the Medicare card had been stored , jerked it out, and once again high-tailed it to the MVD.

Number 12 had a client, but he saw and acknowledged me. Ten minutes later, he was free, but indicated he had one other return customer ahead of me. As I fidgeted and fumed, I heard a number called. Lo and behold, I still had that number in my pocket, so I beelined it to Window Eleven. I walked out of the MVD for the final time at p. Getting that license ate up almost four hours of my life… however, that did include travel time. Dear readers, in view of the above, feel free to tell me what a dolt I am at dontravis21 gmail.

How about a piece of nonsense this week. Just a short, short story… sort of. Now to the story. Fred the mailman parked his white, blue-trimmed, boxy vehicle at the top of the street and stuffed his heavy bag with the appropriate deliveries. This was the last street and his favorite block on the route. Hard to say why. Small wooded area at the bottom of the hill. Double row of thirties-type homes facing one another across the asphalt.

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  6. Upscale then, middle class now. Each one was a custom-built. All neat and well-tended. There was just one thing wrong with the neighborhood. It was old enough so that each residence had a mail box affixed to the wall beside the front door, grandfathered in before the changes that made mail delivery possible from the front seat of his truck. Still, somehow it was worth the inconvenience. Most likely it was the folks living here who made it so special. The Parsons family on the east side of the street at the top of the block were cat people.

    Snooty or shy? Two beautiful Springers roamed the fenced yard. He chuckled to himself. Not because Nip and Tuck were ferocious, they just mauled him a little trying to plant sloppy kisses on his nose. Her little legs moved in a whir as soon as he hit the front step. He could hear the squeak of the circular ladder as it spun… even through the plate glass. But the Foxendillers, last house on the west side closest to the wooded area, were his favorite.

    Joe Foxendiller, a retired computer programmer, lived with his wife in the neat stucco with a modest mansard roof. Joe liked to talk, and often as not, met Fred at the door to collect his mail before it got to the mailbox. Fred was pretty sure it was illegal to own pet skunks in New Mexico—something to do with rabies—but the Foxendiller kids had been raising them for years, and nobody in the neighborhood seemed to object. Black button eyes, black fur with two gorgeous white stripes running down each of their backs. He did a double take.

    There were usually three. Where was Honeysuckle? That was the big male. He was usually sitting there with the other two. Wisteria, the female, was slightly smaller, but had a sweeter nature. Little Rosy was as friendly and awkward as a small puppy. Then he turned and tripped down the steps, coming to an abrupt halt at the sight of a big skunk on the sidewalk. The mammal seemed as wary of Fred as Fred was of him. You gave me a start? What are you doing outside? Joe never let his pets outside by themselves. Sometimes the Foxendillers failed to lock their door.

    It was that kind of neighborhood. The knob turned to his touch, and he stood aside. The animal stared at the gaping door a moment before making a dash up the steps and disappearing inside. Feeling proud of himself, Fred gave a tip of his hat to the three pets lining the back of the couch.

    Fred glanced into the shadowed hallway in time to see a white tail disappear around a corner. Wonder if Fred admitted what he did or simply slunk away. Let me know what you think about the story. I welcome comments at dontravis21 gmail. Thanks for being readers. Another short story this week? Here it is. Had the early afternoon sun really defecated?

    Was that a small, glaucous piece of crap floating to earth? Ridiculous, of course. A parachute? Maybe, but he saw no evidence of an aircraft. Yes, there was something, but it was at such an altitude as to make it unidentifiable. His eyes returned to the shimmering piece of ethereal flotsam and realized it, too, was still high in the sky.

    His heart raced. Was this some alien falling to earth? Even as he threw his old Jeep into gear, he shook his head. Nothing so outstanding. He marked the position of the distant speck relative to Dead Horse Butte before easing forward over the rough mountain track. As soon as he reentered the forest, he lost track of the object, but he knew of two places a few miles ahead of him that would make appropriate landing spots for parachutes… or UFOs.

    He glanced at the rough, unimproved road. No fresh tracks ahead of him. If that was a parachutist, no one had come to pick him up. Not by this route, at least. There was a back way, but anyone familiar with the area knew that was a very rough drive. His curiosity pegged at maximum, Marshall pushed the doughy little vehicle harder… and took the punishment that maneuver occasioned. After splashing through the thin trickle of Ria La Placita, he emerged from the evergreens and started down the long, sloping road that dropped into the canyon.

    He judged about thirty minutes had passed before he reached the first likely spot. Charles East High School St. Charles, IL United States. Stage Door Productions, Inc. Fredericksburg, VA United States. Thomas A. Jay M. Greater Portland Christian School S. Portland, ME United States. John Hopkins Middle School St. Petersburg, FL United States.

    Osceola High School Theare Dept. Seminole, FL United States. Charles F. Johns, FL United States. Diamond High School Theatre Dept. Neosho, MO United States. Location Filter by State.

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    No professional productions. Awards 2. Winner, Missouri State Readers Theatre championship The Audition by Don Zolidis. Snow White by Marjorie Sokoloff. The Bullying Collection by E. A Company of Players by Ed Monk. The Literati Awards by Claire Epstein. The Hallmarks of Horror by Peter Bloedel.