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In fantasy football, that's usually a smarter bet. The best ability is availability. As in business, performance often depends on opportunity. You can't close big deals if you're too low on the totem pole to make those initial sales calls. But if a longtime superstar in sales retires, then there's no telling what a young employee might do if given a chance to take over those accounts.

10 tips to win your Season Long Fantasy Football League

If you knew a lot about football, you might have bypassed these players, assessing them too harshly based on their previous seasons. Your biases are more prevalent than you think. Football fans are fans for a reason. They have passionate likes and dislikes about certain players, teams, and coaches. Those biases can prevent those with actual football knowledge from making the smarter, data-based decision.

3 Steps to Win Your League: Fantasy Football Help From a Champion

For instance, if you dislike the Seahawks, you might hesitate to pick up a player like Baldwin, simply because you don't want to be emotionally torn by rooting for him. You might, for instance, feel more confident with a taller, slender candidate than a short, heavy one. You might also ascribe intelligence--or the lack of it--to a certain accent.

While initial impressions like these matter in the world of business, they are not the data on which you should base a hiring decision.

LEAGUE WINNING Late-Round Sleepers in 2019 Fantasy Football

All of which is why the smartest companies--when it comes to leadership development--don't allow leaders to rely on their guts. None of this is to suggest that superior knowledge is always an impediment in fantasy football. You expected him to be a premier workhorse running back, finally having the San Diego backfield all to himself. Thinking of this, and knowing how efficient he was in , made you feel good. The mere thought of Mathews on your fantasy team was enough expected utility to draft him in the first round — even the second round, after his first collarbone break — without a whole lot of concern.

2. Have a smart draft

His season was a fantasy disaster by any standard. Even cherry picking his best games from shows that Mathews was barely a top fantasy running back, proving wildly inefficient even when he received his fair share of touches. Schwartz posits that we recall our decisions and subsequent experiences based on two factors: how the experience felt when it was at its peak — best or worst — and how we felt at the end of the experience, whether good or bad.

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The remembered utility of anything will affect future decisions involving that place, person or thing. Instead of applying objective evaluation, we recall the emotions attached to previous decisions.

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Eliminating choices fraught with risk feels good — no one would argue otherwise. We want a fantasy draft strategy set in stone, safe from the uncertainty that causes anxiety and second-guessing. I understand that.

But simply becoming aware of how this behavior could undermine your fantasy football life is a key step in avoiding the potential pitfalls of remembered utility. The best draft day values, in fact. Remaining open to drafting any player, at the right value, is perhaps the most overlooked trait of successful fantasy owners.